Cooking with Fire
Cooking with Fire

Cooking with Fire

Eat healthier
Reduce stress
Reduce your eco-footprint
…have more time for YOU!

There is no need for you to be awesome at EVERYTHING!

curriesWhat if, by letting me take care of the cooking, you were to become more empowered to do more of what you do best?
There is nothing I love better than cooking fabulously delicious food to fill other people’s bellies and souls with warmth and goodness.
My clients hire me to come into their home at their convenience and cook up a storm. I leave the house full of fresh and frozen delicious, healthy meals, and no mess! I even take care of the shopping!
More interested in learning how to cook yourself? Click here to learn more! Otherwise, read on!

To Start With…

I consult with my clients to determine what meals will make their bodies feel good and theirs mouths happy. I tailor meals to suit appetites, intolerances and allergies. Gluten intolerant? Finicky eater? Vegetarian? Dairy-free? No problem. Ingredients and meal-plans can be adjusted accordingly. During the consult I also determine what ingredients you tend to keep on hand and what kitchen implements and cookware you have in your home for future reference.

Menu of Possibilities PDF
How It Works…

I send my clients a Menu of Possibilities designed to get the conversation going. This is only an opener — if you have a dish that you’d like, let me know and I’ll make your dish wish come true! Clients usually choose 2-3 items for me to cook per house visit. I draw up a shopping list based on the ingredients needed for the dishes, with the intention of creating a 10-15 serving sized portion of each meal chosen. I head out to shop and arrive at your home with all the ingredients needed. I use your kitchen to cook the meals, and package them for freezing or the fridge, according to your preference. I clean up the kitchen when I am done, and voila! You have healthy, delicious, personalized meals at your fingertips for many days or weeks.

What it Costs…

I charge approximately $70 for my creative services per meal, as every meal contains approximately 10-15 servings. The cost of the ingredients is separate, and I will shop according to your budget and preference (organic, local, or lowest-cost-possible – this is up to you!). The cost of ingredients varies widely according to the dishes selected. I can give you a rough estimate on this cost if desired once you have made an initial choice for meals.

“My wife and I are not big fans of cooking and we are always too busy or too tired to cook good food. Rebecca comes in and will cook 2 or 3 meals and we can freeze them for later. I like it because we are not eating as much fast and easy pre-made unhealthy food.” – R. Petrie

Drop me an email to receive a list of the possibilities available and to begin the brainstorming process – let’s determine what would support you best!