Let’s Get Started

new beginningI work with people all over the world, of all ages, positions, and in all different stages of life.  If you feel ready to work and you think that I am the person you would like to hold your feet as you do your sit-ups of the soul, then write and tell me why.  I want to know what you want, why you want it, and why now is the time.  Tell me what brings you to ME.

After reading your heartspeak, I will contact you to schedule a free one-hour discussion with them to determine what their needs and hopes are, to share what my working methods are, and to give a taste of what coaching with me will be like.  Time-frame and fees are discussed during this exploratory session.

I will take you places you’ve never gone, uncover the wholeness and rightness of you that you have not yet fully witnessed. You need to be ready to jump in, though.  Are you?  Tell me about it.

Give me a call at 604.866.8246  or email me at