My Clients

My one-to-one clients

  • Want to identify their calling, gifts, and vision and be energized by the power and centredness this will bring
  • Desire to find and move towards fulfilling their personal and career potential
  • Are restructuring their life after major events have brought significant changes
  • Seek clarity about what they really want out of life, and what they want to pour their energy and time into
  • dont settleHave tasted success, and want to deepen the meaning of their life
  • Face an important change in their life – retirement, retraining, career change, sabbatical, leaving a relationship, setting new boundaries with family and friends
  • Have worked hard to step out of the past and are poised to leap into a positive new future of their own creation
  • Seek to kindle or rekindle their passion and enthusiasm for life and work
  • Have a dream, and are ready to translate the vision into inspiration and action

My organizational and team clients

  • Want to craft powerful teams where everyone is contributing to their highest
  • Know what they are about, and are finding the language with which to express it and the actions that create it
  • Seek to provide the most effective and efficient supports possible for their team members


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