My Truth

negative voices

I heard these words inside my head and from loved ones when I dared to speak my dreams aloud.

What I’ve done, how I did it, the skills I have learned and demonstrated, what my gifts are, and how I’ve helped others – commonly known as “my story” – ranges all over the world, from non-profit startup and management to educational administration to counselling.  Telling it, however, doesn’t convey who I am. This is what I believe my true story to be:

I am an intelligent, compassionate person who for many years did not have the courage to follow her intuition and her heart. Even in the midst of accomplishing outwardly amazing goals such as starting a charity and creating Beacon Hill Academy in Sri Lanka with hardly any resources, I knew that I was not being my true, full self. It took many crises and much courage for me to tune my ears away from the voices of friends, family, culture, and my own internal critic and begin to listen to the wisdom of my soul. As I listened, that voice grew stronger, and I gained strength not only to listen, but follow its leading.

And when I did, I changed my world.

What I love most is to create environments, experiences and connections where individuals and groups discover their power and ability to create, change, and contribute to the world around them. I have eyes that see the biggest you, and ears that hear the voice of wisdom that is in your soul.

You CAN do that, it IS possible, and what are you waiting for?


(Still want deets on creds? Here you go:)

  • BSc with high distinction in Psychology
  • Certified counsellor, trained in Sri Lanka
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), of an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program
  • Founded and ran a community-college style school in Sri Lanka
  • Conquering Vancouver and building communities since 2009