Integral Impact

Creating Lasting Connections between People and Purpose

Individuals who are clear about their value in relation to their organization’s vision attain extraordinary goals.

Angie and Rebecca seek to create an Integral Impact in lives and workplaces by following the principle above through to its roots.

We work with leaders who want to create more effective and thriving workspaces, where employees are vibrantly engaged and visions are being tangibly attained and celebrated.  We coach these leaders to determine what support, experiences, and learning will bring their team into this reality, and then we craft a tailored program to suit their workplace culture and desired results.  Would you like to set up a mentoring program?  Support your leaders to step into the next tier of greatness?  Strengthen your team and reap the rewards in effectiveness and efficiency?

logo longWe create Integral Impact by working alongside individuals and groups to:

  • identify their strengths and personal mandate
  • find meaning related to their role
  • define actions that align them the vision
  • strengthen internal communication

Connected individuals give more, care more and work in synergy; consequently, organizations realize enhanced accountability and commitment when the confidence and trust between their team members dramatically increases.

“One way managers can help boost job satisfaction and help their organization may be to ‘clarify expectations for employees by helping employees see the ultimate outcomes the organization is working to achieve and how they play a role in achieving those outcomes,’”  Business News Daily, Aug 2010


Our Clients:

  • Yukon College
  • Champagne and Aishihik First Nations
  • Kluane First Nation


Our Team

Integral Impact is the brainchild of Angie Charlebois and Rebecca Mears.  They have gathered around them powerful consultants, coaches, and specialists that partner with them to facilitate the changes desired by organizations that hire them.  Come and meet the team here!

Together, Angie and Rebecca facilitate and live the Integral Impact philosophies with the intention of transforming attitudes about work and creating a strong link between individual efforts and organizational goals.


At our core is the vision of fulfilled people, engaging in their activities, feeling more connected to their colleagues and achieving spectacular results.

We foresee all those who take part in our initiatives waking up for work with a sincere “Good Morning!” in their soul!