Catching Fire Clubhouse


And you can find it here in the company of fellow entrepreneurs, as part of the Catching Fire Clubhouse.

Gain access to workshop space, personal and business development support, and opportunities to expand your client base!  *Plus, you can hang out in a for-real “secret” clubhouse.

This is for people and small businesses or organizations who:

  • Use workshop or meeting space
  • Benefit from a safe, warm, peaceful atmosphere for workshops or meetings
  • Work in the personal development arena; small business owners/entrepreneurs; non-profit leaders
  • Want their business to reach new communities
  • Believe that being in community holds keys to greater success
  • Approach their work with the highest good in mind for all, and who approach life with an attitude of abundance

The Catching Fire Clubhouse is an environment to connect with like-minded peers from an Abundance Mentality perspective, accessing the synergy of group dynamics to unleash our greater potential as individuals and as a business, experiencing acceptance, openness, support, collaboration, and celebration!

We meet once a month for a synergy-filled meeting in the clubhouse, and keep in touch via a Facebook group. To begin the experiment with us, click on the button at the bottom so we can meet and discuss clubhouse ways and see if they are a good fit for you!

Within the Catching Fire Clubhouse, club members give and receive from their special skills and offerings, contributing to the growth and benefit of their business and personal lives. Members support and are supported by their peers in reaching new clients and connecting to new opportunities. Some memberships access peaceful, safe, beautiful workshop space and one-on-one client meeting space for free, to use as they desire.

Being a Club Member Provides:

  • Access to new potential clientele
  • Tips and leads for new markets and opportunities for your business
  • Ideas and support for improving your appeal to clients
  • Potential for collaboration with complimentary skills and services
  • Priority access to workshop/meeting space
  • Support for providing online webinar/workshops


membership benefits-01



How Could This Work?

I’ve got a long history as an educator, administrator, and professional coach. The Catching Fire Clubhouse is the perfect intersection of my hospitality and calling – providing a living and breathing centre in which community and individuals can thrive.  AND WE GET TO MAKE A CLUBHOUSE! (I’m so super stoked about this part.) Based out of my flexible home (and clubhouse) in Vancouver on South Granville Street, the location is easily accessible by public transit from all over the area.

Club members are invited to a clubhouse meeting once a month (if need be you can attend virtually using skype or Google hangout). During this meeting we introduce to the club new members, share with each other any leads and tips we have come across for each other, and update each other with our current high-priority (it may be a workshop, a new product, a new service, a special deal, etc.). We may ask for wisdom from the group about an issue we are facing. We may share a fantastic success. We will have a guest who will speak on a special topic, giving us all something to chew on or develop. We will conclude with support and encouragement from and for each other as we head out to conquer the month ahead!
Feedback on Your Services

Club members get a taste of what you offer through one-hour sessions (or the equivalent value in product) you give to members each month based on a time-bank model. They will give you constructive feedback on what might make your services or product even better, and/or leads for connecting to new clients or markets. An added benefit is that members can then promote your work honestly to their extended community, since they have had direct experience of it! You may also gain new clients: if a member decides they would like to have more of what you offer, you may offer them a special membership rate for their continued business.

Club Members Share Your Offers with their Social Network

Members participate in this club with a desire to support each other as we grow and develop. Towards that end, we commit to passing on each others special offers, workshop information, etc. with our social network. This enables our message or offering to reach potential new clients by leveraging each others networks.

5/10/15 hours of Workshop/Meeting Space

Club members get first dibs on workshop/meeting space in the big house. There are four available spaces:  the Celebration Room (a vaulted seating, open, window-filled room that seats 35-40), the Living Room (a warm and private space seating 10-18), a Client Meeting Room (useful for one-on-one or one-on-two sessions, for hosting webinar, a massage, or other private meetings), and the Clubhouse Each member can submit their requests for space and dates by a monthly deadline (and can request up to 3 months in advance). If multiple members wish to access the same time/space, Rebecca will facilitate a discussion for all involved until a viable solution is found for all members. Requests for regular space use will be discussed prior to your decision to join the membership in order to ensure your needs and wishes can be adequately met. If you desire to make your workshop available via webinar, this can also be coordinated upon request in advance.


Optional Supports

Some members may offer unsold seats in a workshop to others in the club for a reduced rate. Some members may wish to reserve a portion of their workshop availability for club members. These decisions are entirely up to individual members, just as each of you is free to set your own price point for your workshops/services. Some members may wish to combine their offerings to create a workshop series to the wider public – synergy breeds awesomeness!
Receive insights, ideas, and feedback that will take your new workshop from good to AWESOME! Lucca or Rebecca will meet with you prior to the pilot run of a new workshop to determine what you wish to achieve via the workshop and any areas you would like us to pay special attention to. We will then sit in on your pilot workshop, to observe and experience your creation. Afterwards, we will coach you through your own thoughts, experiences, and provide feedback that will give you concrete avenues to improve your workshop for the future – and ensure that the results you desire to achieve are ACHIEVED!

This unique support is available for Fire members upon request – and is available for other members at the reduced rate of $200 per workshop.

Receive support to create or further develop a powerful and exciting plan for your business from certified accountant and business strategizer extraordinaire Robin McCormick. Robin traverses right-brain/left-brain territory with ease and insight, illuminating areas that feel foggy to the artistic/creative spirit, and enabling you to discover how very viable your dreams can actually be. You will feel like you’ve been given the keys to a powerful and sassy car as well as Robin will ensure you feel ready to pitch your business to whatever “Dragon’s Den” you might go before!

This essential support is available for Fire members upon request – and is available for other members at the reduced rate of $75 a session.



Drop me a line to get hooked into the mojo!

Curious about what the workshop/meeting space looks like?  Find more information here.


Born out of the belief that community holds the keys to greater success for us as individuals and as a whole, Rebecca Mears of Catching Fire Coaching is creating a collaborative community in which connections are created and new possibilities are generated for the work you love. We’re opening new realms of opportunity and support!