Henrietta Hairpin and the Grand Banana

Henrietta HairpinIt’s time to share Henrietta with the world!

Here rests a yarn in which Henrietta Hairpin and the Spin Doctor work together to heal the Grand Banana of a serious illness, defying tradition and the scoffing of the Witching Hour community.

Henrietta Hairpin and the Grand Banana is a story for children of all ages, including children in adult’s clothing.  At the moment it is available in audio version, although you may be able to finagle a pdf version for yourself if you make a special request which includes a gift of chocolate.

If you’re in need of a bedtime story for your young ones, I have made an audio version of the story you can listen to below.  It is about 30 minutes long.  I’d love to hear what you think!


Henrietta Hairpin and the Grand Banana was completed in 2010, and has been undergoing "testing" with groups of young children since then, and refining its tune.

Rebecca is currently on the hunt for this story's publishing home, and is happily accepting drawings from young ones of what they think Henrietta, the Spin Doctor, and the Grand Banana should look like.