Dear Money Workshop


If Money had feelings, would it appreciate the way you treat it?

Dear Money is an experiential workshop borne out of my self-exploration in answer to that question. What I discovered turned my heart and mind inside out and sideways, and I feel compelled to share the process. Join me for one powerful evening where your perspective and relationship will tangibly shift.

We begin with a potluck to celebrate abundance and connection. After the meal, I will guide the group with visualizations and provocative questions towards the goal of creating a revealing dialogue with Money. Myths will be uncovered, and truths you hadn’t realized you already knew will emerge. You will experience a magnificent emotional awakening in your relationship with money and leave with new ideas of how to interact with it. You will go home with a heart full of joy and new hope for the future!

Upcoming Workshops:

August 6 – Online – Open to anyone, anywhere

Begins at 5 pm PDT. Our virtual potluck will be an opportunity to share abundance of a different sort before we dive deep! (More details to come closer to the date) This workshop will be recorded. If you reserve your spot and cannot attend, you will be given access to the recording in order to go through the process on your own time.

August 18 – Vancouver – Spaces are limited. 

Potluck to begin at 6 pm. Journals provided, feel free to bring your favourite pen or personal journal if you’d rather use that. We shall coordinate potluck offerings prior to the event.

Cost is $50, or contact me directly to discuss other options because NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY IS NOT ALLOWED TO PREVENT YOU FROM ATTENDING an experience meant to shift your relationship with money!! 

Read the original blog post here to learn more!

Reserve Your Spot:

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The Vancouver workshop will be held on Granville and 49th street. Location will be given upon reservation. The online workshop will be conducted via webinar and will be accessible by both phone and computer.