Emotional De-Toxing Workshop

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You may have been trained in how to provide support and safety for others and their emotional needs, but have you ever had training to help you with your own emotional health, safety, and support?  …. Here is that training.

Have you ever felt like your heart is getting poisoned by the pain or negativity around you? Do you work in a service industry that exposes you to the emotional issues of others and sometimes feel like you are burning out from the burden? Do you experience upheaval and distress brought on by the ups and downs of life and the behaviour people around you?

Would you like to strengthen your emotional core?

This workshop will help you discover ways to approach each day with greater balance and equip you with tools to keep you feeling safe, whole, and emotionally healthy.

Gain Tools and Experiences to Strengthen Your Emotional Core

People in helping professions are prone to burn out from the emotional burden they are exposed to. Apathy, emotional numbness, and disconnect are behaviours or symptoms strongly connected to when empathic, deep-feeling souls get overloaded.

It is possible for it to be lighter: there is a way for sensitive souls to have new healthier ways to cope. There’s a way out. A way back to a balance of feeling, without hurting; witnessing and empathizing with the pain and hardship of others, without losing one’s grounding and ability to enjoy their own space and life.

Rebecca is a certified counsellor and credentialed coach, with more than a decade’s worth of experience in training.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and theory
  • To identify and separate your own emotions from those of others
  • To release emotions and baggage that doesn’t belong to you
  • Techniques and tools for stepping out of unwanted emotions and into helpful emotions
  • To maximize your effectiveness in responding to people and events from an emotionally
  • Methods of creating mental ‘pauses’ in which you can reframe your thoughts and choose your responses
  • Supports that will enable you to give emotionally without sacrificing your own emotional health
  • To create and hold an ‘emotional safety zone’

Contact Rebecca today to get the details on the next online workshop beginning, or to create a private workshop for your workplace.  Download a pdf of this information here.

$250 per person. Limited spaces available.  Next workshop commences on February 16.


Session Details:

The workshop consists of 6 weekly sessions.  Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length.   Additional support is provided during the course of the workshop via a private website page and facebook group to deepen the learning and provide feedback to workshop participants.  Sessions are conducted online via GoToMeeting, which is free for all participants, and can be accessed by computer/tablet (recommended) or by phone.  All participants will receive pre-workshop information and questions designed to help tailor the workshop experience to their needs, so early registration is recommended.  All sessions shall be recorded and distributed to participants within two days of the session’s date.  Live online attendance is recommended for a minimum of 5 out of the 6 sessions to maximize learning.


This workshop was borne out of organizational workshops in the Yukon, where I realized tender-hearted employees were burning out. While many people receive training for how to support other people's emotional distress, they may not have received training for how to protect their OWN emotional core during such emotionally stressful work.