Deep Thoughts
Rebecca Shares...

Deep Thoughts

Rebecca Shares...

Make It Real

O dreamer, dream that dream
the one with bright colours and MCEsherlogic
fill in the deep places, feel its feels and smell its smells
find the spaces where it is a breath away from what you see when awake
love it, roll around in it, play
with those edges where you feel the membrane is thinnest… tease it, fray
it wider, so that even when awake you can see those glimpses of the colours you know so well.
Stretch to see… oh will you? Dare to grasp the audacious moment – slip your finger through the gap uncrossable
touch the gossamer, coax it through, call it, invite it, welcome it to your heart to your mind to this side to be real…
– All of heaven grins and holds its breath as it waits to see if you –
Are you bold?
Will you pull it far enough to tenderly, firmly, wrap your hands all through it, tie it round your waist so that you cannot let it go – lean into it, will it through
let your feet rise off the ground, dream-fisher – trust that the weight of your burning-sun-soul is enough to carry through the gap that which has till now remained beyond the veil
Hold on!  Though others doubt you
Hold on!  How needed is it here?
Hold on – did you just feel it?
…until… wait now – wait!
…Hold on until – it’s sliding through
and lays its wings across what was and makes a new what is.

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