Deep Thoughts
Rebecca Shares...

Deep Thoughts

Rebecca Shares...

All Ye Weary and Entrepreneurial Souls…

I see us all out here, valiantly striving, armed with our purpose and our vision, forging our way into a sustainable and thriving life and living.
I see us struggling quietly, silently, hiding in our homes or rooms or cars, wrestling with fears and doubts about being enough, having what it takes, wondering – is this really going to work??!
We’re all doing this on our own. Our successes are public. Our struggles likely hidden. Our failures – well, they may be public too.
Perhaps it is time to band together.
We weaned ourselves away from dependence on the societal norm. We stand in our independence and know who we are on our own: flawed and brilliant.
But interdependence is the place where magic and synergy happen.

What might we discover if we stand in our gloriously hard-earned independence…
and joined hands?


I’m creating a space for this. A virtual and physical space in which encouragement and tangible support are present – because we love to give and to receive. To be appreciated and to be valued. To make a difference, to make burdens lighter, to FEEL lighter.

We are powerful beyond measure, and maybe our greatest unleashing will come when we feel other hands at our back.

Here’s my plan:

• Get a big house that has big and beautiful rooms for workshops
• Gather all the myriads of people I know who are doing the valiantly striving entrepreneurial thing in their own way
• Ask who is in to try an interdependence experience where we agree to share skills with each other, share each others’ offers with our networks, give each other feedback, encouragement and support, and tips/leads on new connections or opportunities. We shall approach our experience from the “abundance” mentality rather than the “scarcity” mentality
• Facilitate this
• Provide additional services and supports for those who want to access them (workshop space, in-residence support, business plan development, financial systems creation, tax support, workshop supervision/analysis, coaching, … I’m sure there will be more)
It will be accessible to all financial capabilities.  If you’re down with the main groove, we’re going to find a way to connect and make some magic happen.
We’re going to be stronger together, with our struggles out and shared and burdens halved, our successes celebrated with whoops and cheers by our peers, and our failures turned inside out to become the fodder of greatness.  Let’s do this, friends.  Drop me a line if you’re in.

*Note from the future:* This has been a reality for some time now. Still want in? Come see my post on The Clubhouse group to connect!

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