“Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”
– Johann Von Goethe

“Toward the end of our sessions I began to feel that I was ready to fly… I felt like a racehorse in the starting gate… ready to explode out of the gate, ready to run and ready to win!! When you reach that point Rebecca will not try to hold you back. She wants you to decide when it’s time to fly. She will send you on your way with her love and support…and you will feel that support with you after the sessions end… I truly do.”  – M. Halford, Ohio
other side of fear
“Rebecca has an amazing gift of guiding one to their truth. Her presence, power and compassion enable her to hold the space for the very best results for everyone. I’ve been witness to this on more than one occassion.”  – Lorraine Jensen, I Love My Life!, Vancouver Island
“After 3 months of coaching, I had learned more about myself–my true core self–than I ever imagined. Through coaching, my beliefs about myself and what I thought I wanted in life were turned on their heads. I thought I had to force myself to accomplish a list of quantifiable tasks to feel fulfilled. Coaching taught me that I need to know and accept my true self to feel fulfilled. And consequently, the quantifiable has effortlessly come to pass.” – D. Singer, Colorado
“Rebecca’s honesty and energy holds me to my best self. She looks for and protects what is my best “me”, while I may be wallowing in my doubts and insecurities… by the end of the session I am empowered; my belief is myself is enhanced and my motivation is sky-high. I’ve had tangible gains with her and I use those examples when working with my own clients.” – Angie Charlebois, Mother Lode Coaching, Yukon

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