Cooking Up Connection
Cooking Up Connection

Cooking Up Connection

Building Teams and Deepening Connections

Sharing meals is traditionally considered to be a way of building bridges and deepening rapport and connection.  How much more so is it to create the meal together first!  Let’s get cooking!

What it Looks Like

RebeccaCookingSamples (2 of 27)Your group will meet up at a class kitchen and will be organized into teams that will be responsible for cooking one or two items for a communal feast.  Each team member will take on a role for the dish creation, and will work in partnership with other team members.  Thorough written directions, spices, ingredients, and cookware will be provided.  Supervision, direction, and encouragement will be provided by the Catching Fire leader(s).  Along the way, group members will learn cultural tidbits, miscellaneous facts about unusual food and spices, and discover new tips and tricks for cooking.
When all teams have completed their tasks, everyone will bring their creations to the table, where all will enjoy the fruits of their labour.

How it Works

I will meet with you to clarify your desired experience/learning for your group, and the best way for us to meet them through the process.
Cooking is by its very nature engaging in many different levels, and eminently suited to highlighting different learning styles and how different people define success and derive enjoyment from their tasks.  Planners, detail-oriented, big picture thinkers, those who learn by watching, those who learn by doing, those who are methodical, those who fly by the seat of their pants —- all have a role to play or a way in which to approach cooking and have it become a resounding and delicious success.  We invite people to choose a role that is natural to them (or conversely, inviting them to step into uncomfortable shoes) and work together to create a culinary masterpiece.  This provides an opportunity for subconscious or explicit learning about how differences are essential to successfully reaching team goals, and how communication facilitates or creates stumbling blocks to this process.  Synergy is experienced in reaching a goal that is unconnected to work or personal history, which enables the aquisition of new skills and perspectives in an safe, almost “accidental” way.
curriesThe recipes and food will be unfamiliar to most all the participants, leaving them on equal footing for experimenting with new methods and equally unsure of what the results should look like. The meal will have components that will satisfy meat-eaters, vegetarians, and tummies that are gluten and dairy intolerant. 

Ideal Group Size: 4-20

Let’s talk!  Contact me to craft a team building experience perfect for your group.