Making it Work List
Making it Work List

Making it Work List

The House of Dreams is ready to be taken to the next level, with infrastructure in place that will enable the space to host and facilitate greater collaborations and connections.

What’s Needed Next:

Following is a list of repairs/renos and supplies that are needed in order to make the workshop spaces fully functional and supported for their occupants, and to make bedrooms and bathrooms comfortable and welcoming. Most costs are listed after having received a quote from a qualified (and generous) tradesman, by looking for deals on good materials/equipment on craigslist, etc. We WELCOME any and every way that these needs could be met, through sponsorship, trade, gifting, or any other option that might present itself!

Door Work – Cost: $500

IMG_0316One of the two bathrooms for the house is located “en route” to my master bedroom. I need to move the door to my room to be at the end of the hallway (on the other side of the bathroom) so that this bathroom is accessible by workshop guests without them feeling like they are infringing on my personal territory (plus, it would be nice to have some privacy for my bedroom). This involves having a new doorframe inserted and the extension of a bit of wall.
The one-on-one meeting/office space also needs some door-attention, as one does not close, and the other one is simply not a proper door.
I’ve received two quotes from friend-handymen (who are giving me good deals) for getting all the door work done, including both labour and materials.

Privacy Screens/Curtains – Cost: $175 

IMG_0094The biggest room – The Celebration Room – is not 100% private. I have scouted out the best screen to put on one end of the room so that tenants can come and go from the bedrooms in that wing, and this is the winner:
Gotta love Ikea!
In addition to this screen, which will block off the view of the doors to the one-on-one meeting/office space and the hallway entrance to the bedroom wing, I need to be able to shut down the window into the kitchen and the wide entrance to the kitchen. Visually is enough, I believe, so my plan it to have a roman blind or curtain for the look-through, and either a second screen or curtains on a rod for the wide entrance. Both of those will be inexpensive to fix up.

Leaking Faucet Repair – Cost $500

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took this rental with an “As Is” clause. And although the landlord (well, the landlord’s agent) has actually been very helpful with regular things like when the washing machine conked out, and the stove needed some help – the leaking bathtub faucet in my ensuite does not count for attention. I think that’s probably because they priced it out the same as I did, and discovered it was going to cost more than they wanted to pay for a house they intend to tear down eventually. However, I’m stuck with a constant sound of a waterfall, except, not so nice. I don’t have to pay the water bill, but my conscious is screaming at me every day that that water keeps trickling away. So far, the quotes I’ve received for repairing it involve replacing the old fixtures, because they’re basically shot.

Electrical Work – Cost $200 (still to be officially estimated)

This house is old, and one of the meeting rooms only has ungrounded plug points. Several bedrooms have non-functional plug points. Two electrical heaters in the house do not respond to their control mechanisms (or are missing them!). Functions will go smoother for everyone when these are brought up to date!

Basement Bathroom Repair – Cost $1000

There is an ancient bathroom hidden away downstairs in the original part of the house. It is in grave disrepair, yet still functional (the plumbing has been checked out by a professional). In order to make it use-able for days when the house is very full and active, it will require a cosmetic overhaul and new lighting and flooring put in.

More FRIDGES! – Cost $300 max, perhaps a lot less105l-midea-bar-fridge-hs137rns-high-5

This kitchen is totally functional, but will soon cease to be so with more people coming to stay in the rooms and using it as a workshop space. My plan is to put two bar fridges in the rooms that will be rented out so that those staying in there can have some autonomy (as there won’t be room in the main fridge for everyone’s stuff). I could also REALLY use a second full-size fridge to put in the basement as a backup storage for those who bring their own food for their events.

Projector and Screen – Cost $400-600 

Many of those who want to rent workshop space here would like to use a projector and screen. I’d like to have these on-site for them to rent and have access to, as it will simplify EVERYTHING. There is a hook waiting at the ready in the Celebration Room – you can see that a large screen used to hang there.

Furniture – Cost $300-600 

Three small sofas/benches, one sofa-bed, four armchairs, some low tables and some high tables. I expect most of these will be found via craigslist or freecycle deals, just as my previous furniture has been. Therefore costs are low and are for the zipcar van rental needed to move them from place to place

Microphone Setup – Cost $100

Because this home is going to become a base of podcasting. All we need is this mic….

Freezer  – Cost $100

Because what cook doesn’t need access to a big freezer? I am not picky. Happy to accept something used and old so long as it works. The teensy freezer in the single fridge in the house does not support more than two people living here.

Linens – Cost $250

Queen and King sized linens, towels, hand towels, face cloths… I have need of all of them. I have enough to cover everything, and not enough to cover it when there is turnover and frequent washing (as is the case with regular guests).

Speaker System – Cost $30-50

To fill the considerable space of the house with the ambience desired. A simple speaker dock would do.

Electric Kettles – Cost $25-50

For the guest bedrooms, to greater facilitate their independence and comfort.

Corkboard Wallcover – Cost $200

The entrance of the house will be a place to connect with events happening locally and hosted by community members. The best way to facilitate this is to turn the walls in the main hall into a place to post flyers, posters, and other information. A great place for featuring sponsors for the house, too! They will have FRAMED information on the wall!