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Our Team

Our Team

Angie Charlebois uses humour, adventurous language and a sincere interest in people to create an engaging and safe atmosphere which supports learning and creativity.  As a certified professional coach and a dynamic facilitator, she provides relevant anecdotes, tools and techniques that anyone can use to build rapport, goodwill and increase understanding among people.  She believes this foundation allows for the achievement of goals, both personal and collective.
Angie draws on her experience in the areas of First Nations governance, politics, planning and management to highlight the organizational shifts that are sought, almost universally.  Her goal is to empower individuals in all industries in transforming their teams and workplace.  With whimsy, wit and a sharp analytical eye, she shifts contexts and allows participants to view themselves, their peers and their future differently and with far more optimism.
Rebecca Mears is an experienced professional coach, a certified counsellor and pioneer in non-profit project development overseas.  She has refined skills for uncovering the deep values that represent what is important and inspiring to clients.  Rebecca’s years of work in education as instructor and administrator provide her with tremendous experience in management, curriculum development, cross-cultural communication, teaching modalities and assessing learning preferences and communication styles.
Rebecca brings to a group a sincere sense of trust and recognition of individual talent and group synergy.  She is tenacious and determined to achieve the personal goals she sets for herself and has a toolbox full of techniques to share with others. Rebecca’s belief is that there is always a winning solution for willing parties and would love to see workplaces transformed and visions achieved.

Our Coach Menu

In addition to Angie and Rebecca, Integral Impact is pleased to offer the services of the following coaches to their clients.  We encourage our clients to interview our coaches to see who they feel the greatest connection with and determine who might best fit their needs and personality.
Lucca Bio PicLucca Hallex
Do you enjoy working on the creative edges of the mainstream? Are you often the one in a group who asks why things are being done the way they are and whether there might be a better way? Do you find yourself walking to the beat of a different drum, even if you’re able to fit into the mainstream without anyone being any the wiser?
I coach individuals and organisations who are creating change. I call this ‘working at the edge’ – at the edge of what you know about yourself, how you want to move through the world and what impact you want to have. We build on your experience and passion to create a future that is inspiring to get up to each day. My clients say of our work that it truly changes their lives. I coach you to find the source of your power at the very deepest level by using my intuition and encouraging you to use yours. You will enjoy working with me if you want to be challenged to be authentic at the same time as you feel supported to make change. I am a professional intuitive and counsellor with a business and organisational background. I came to coaching in the late 1990s while running courses in conflict facilitation and relationship skills. I have been in private practice since 1990 and call myself a Power Sourcerer – pun intended!
I provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which to work. You provide the material.
Lynn Demers
lynnI love family, I love nature, I love to create. I enjoy creating a space to connect with others on this vulnerable and passionate level that we all share as human beings. I love coaching. I tap into and draw upon my intuition and my love of nature; fuelling the creation, nourishment, growth and sculpting and shaping of seeds of passion. Seeds that blossom into new beginnings filled with vast possibilities. I love nurturing energy and passion.
With youths and adults, my strength is in helping you discover your personal source of energy and passion. We then draw upon this energy source to fuel momentum on your projects and goals. This deep personal work has helped many people move through major life transitions, job related changes, relationship challenges, addictions and illness. By connecting with what has deep value and meaning for you, we create a link back to a place of presence and personal power. This empowers you to be flexible, resilient and capable of showing up as your personal best for any challenge.
JevonJevon Hills
When asked about Jevon one client responded, “Jevon is like an El Camino because he is versatile, unique, and shamelessly authentic.“  Jevon came to personal development and coaching initially as a client looking for his own answers.  After a few years of seeing his life improve in leaps and bounds, Jevon wanted to share these benefits with others and began his formal training as a coach.
Creativity is Jevon’s middle name, or it would be if it wasn’t Karl.  From his 30 years as a performing musician, to his career as a software and solutions developer, to his hobbies as a woodworker and videographer, Jevon employs creativity in all areas of his life. He brings his creativity to bear in coaching by encouraging his clients to explore as many possibilities as they can. Using the clients’ strengths, values and talents, he then works with them to develop a bright vision, create a plan to move towards that vision, and execute on that plan.
Coleen Ducette
coleenColeen’s specialty is supporting the growth of transformational leadership for individuals, organizations, cultures and communities.
As a certified coach, qualified mediator and team facilitator, her progressive approach to workplace and career development focuses
on cultivating adaptive skills to be in alignment with technical ability.
Coleen has been mentoring accomplished leaders and fostering team performance for the past 30 years, with multiple credentials in business and executive management.  She has an extensive leadership background in both not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, as programs manager, director of operational programs and executive director.
Over the course of her accomplished career, Coleen’s approach to leadership has remained committed to the importance of social dynamics. She firmly believes that individuals’ strengths are the core of organizational and corporate capability to achieving