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Integral Impact

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Integral Impact


Creating Lasting Connections between People and Purpose


Individuals who are clear about their value in relation to their organization’s vision attain extraordinary goals.

Rebecca and her team seek to create an Integral Impact in lives and workplaces by following the principle above through to its roots.
We work with leaders who want to create more effective and thriving workspaces, where employees are vibrantly engaged and visions are being tangibly attained and celebrated. We coach these leaders to determine what support, experiences, and learning will bring their team into this reality, and then we craft a tailored program to suit their workplace culture and desired results. Would you like to set up a mentoring program? Support your leaders to step into the next tier of greatness? Strengthen your team and reap the rewards in effectiveness and efficiency?

We create Integral Impact by working alongside individuals and groups to:

• identify their strengths and personal mandate
• find meaning related to their role
• define actions that align them the vision
• strengthen internal communication

Connected individuals give more, care more and work in synergy; consequently, organizations see enhanced accountability and commitment when the confidence and trust between their team members dramatically increases.

“One way managers can help boost job satisfaction and help their organization may be to ‘clarify expectations for employees by helping employees see the ultimate outcomes the organization is working to achieve and how they play a role in achieving those outcomes,’” Business News Daily, Aug 2010

We facilitate dynamic learning experiences designed to build on previous learning. An initial assessment identifies the current situation in the workplace and clarifies the edge at which growth is ready to happen.
We then work with teams to promote a new level of self-awareness, empowerment, problem-solving, rapport-building, and clarity of personal contribution and effectiveness in creating the vision of the organization.

Previous Clients:

• are proactive in fostering personnel development that supports true growth and depth of employee loyalty
• are eager to release the potential of their employees not only for the benefit of the company but because they rejoice in humanity fulfilling its greatest purposes
• believe that by paying it forward they increase the strength of their business and the families that rely on their contribution
• sincerely value the differences in culture, personality, and utilize those differences to create magic in your teams

The Results:

• Expanded interrelatedness between role/function, team, and the greater organization
• Increased accountability – with timelines, finances and plans
• Deeply engaged individuals
• Work satisfaction, translating in access to enthusiasm and energy
• A strong commitment to goals and vision
• Recognition and appreciation for personal strengths
• Opportunities for expanded responsibility
• Increased confidence in colleagues, within teams and in the greater organization
• Succession-planning opportunities based on employee strengths, interests and aptitudes

Who We Are

Rebecca round-01Integral Impact is the creation of Rebecca Mears. Rebecca is an experienced professional coach, a certified counsellor, Red Cross Trainer and pioneer in non-profit project development in Sri Lanka. She has refined skills for uncovering the deep values that represent what is inspiring for workshop participants in order to achieve transformative learning. Rebecca’s years of work in education and counselling provide her with tremendous experience in conflict resolution, management, curriculum development, cross-cultural communication, teaching modalities and assessing adult and youth learning preferences and communication styles.
She has gathered around her powerful consultants, coaches, and specialists to partner in providing training and education towards the changes desired by organizations that seek to create Integral Impact.
In Sri Lanka, Asanka Pathirage and Nadeekaa Kumarihami are her coordinating agents.

At our core is the vision of fulfilled people – engaging in their activities, feeling more connected to their colleagues, and achieving spectacular results.

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    Community Growth, Personal Development, Public Speaking

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    May . 08 . 2013

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