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Web Support

Web Support

Big businesses have IT people on staff to update their websites and keep their web presence current and on the cutting edge.  Small business owners work hard to be awesome at all the elements that keep a successful business organized and moving forward — and that burden can sometimes get old and heavy.
frustrationI’m here to help by taking one of those burdens off your plate:  I can provide web support to you at a rate that is scaled down and therefore affordable for you and your growing business, allowing you to focus your energy on the activities you REALLY rock at.
If you sign up for one of my web support packages, you have access to me anytime via email or by phone to take care of any of the following:

  • Update your website with new content:  text, images, files, etc
  • Add new pages to your site, or rearrange how your site is organized
  • Alter the look of your site
  • Troubleshoot website issues

How it Works

Choose a support package

Choose a package that you feel will cover the amount of hours of work (web updates and changes) you estimate you will use in a year.  I can help you determine your needs through a free consultation, and I will also keep track of the hours spent on changes you request and give you an update quarterly or semi-annually so that you feel in control of how your web-time is being spent.  Payments can be made quarterly or semi-annually, according to your preference.

Reach out when you have a need!

Drop me an email or give me a call as soon as you have material you want on your site or you identify some changes or updates you need done.  I will have the changes made for you within a week (usually within 2 days).

…and that’s it!  It’s that easy.

Contact me today to have a free consultation!

Support Package Options

Web support is usually charged in 1/2 hour increments, and my rate is $50 per half hour.  When you purchase a web support package, I give you a discount for total hours worked, giving you a better bang for your buck.  I work fast, and the hours you purchase with me will stretch farther than they would if you were to work on the web updates yourself.   Each package is payable in quarterly installments or in two payments, 6 months apart.  Unused hours expire at the end of the year (I will contact you prior to their expiry to see if there is anything you would like done on your site).  If your needs end up requiring more hours than your plan covers, the difference will be charged at $50 per half hour.

Web Support Lite – $250 / year

3 hours of web support per year.  Suitable for small businesses or individuals who have irregular updates needed, and a few minor adjustments to the website throughout the year.

Web Support Extended – $850 / year

10 hours of web support per year.  Suitable for small businesses or individuals who have regular updates needed, media uploads on an occasional basis, and occasional re-organization of site content or the look of the site.

Web Support Pro – $2400 / year

30 hours of web support per year.  Suitable for small businesses with frequent updates, regular media updates and uploads, occasional addition of new web pages or sections of the website.

Web Support Premium – $3250 / year

30 hours of web support per year, plus an overhaul of your website.  Suitable for those who are looking for pro-support, yet feel ready for a big change in the online presence.  In essence, this plan gives you my web design coaching deal combined with ongoing web support.

Contact me to get started, and make your load lighter!