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The Realizer

I am a coach with a talent for making dreams come true.

I have done this for myself: started a school in Sri Lanka, several businesses, reclaimed my life after divorce, and even created a way for the life and home I want to support itself.

I have done this with others: co-created a new brand of festival, a radio show, workshop series, and more.

…and one of my favourite things is to facilitate the dreams of my clients by putting my skills at their service.

I hold your feet while you do your sit-ups of the soul. I am here to ensure you stand as tall as you are meant to be, and reach as far as you can possibly reach. What idea do you have that won’t leave you alone? What dream is ripe and bursting to become true? How uncomfortable and frustrating is your current situation – crying out for the change you want so badly to become real?

This is my area of specialty. Let’s do it. Let’s make it real.

Curries for Community

Community is made by you!

Curries for Community

Hello dear friends, curry-lovers, and all those who value community building! This is a special shout-out to invite you to celebrate and support community – even if you’re not based in Vancouver!

You are invited to a Sri Lankan curry feast on January 28 with a special twist: all proceeds are going to support the ongoing community building work held at the House of Dreams. (More details below for if you’re not located in Vancouver – this is still an invite for you!)

We’ve been operating out of this home in Kerrisdale/Oakridge for 2 years now, welcoming small-budget entrepreneurs, non-profits, artists, and travellers to use the rooms and workshop spaces for growth, connection, and collaboration. This experiment in community building has borne much synergistic fruit… and now the House of Dreams seeks a boost from the community around it in order to continue providing safe, welcoming, inspiring space.

What better way to seek the support of community than through CELEBRATING community through a big feast?

Sri Lankan curries are the House of Dreams host Rebecca’s specialty, learned while in community for years with Sri Lankan grandmothers. They are a labour of love, and made best when mixed with friendship and music (which is exactly how this feast will be prepared!) The curries are gluten and dairy-free, and there will be vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options to suit all dietary desires. Plates are $20, with the option of donating more if you wish! Attendance at the feast is going to pretty much guarantee you some lively conversation, connection, and synchronicity. That’s just how it works around here :)

Even if you can’t make it yourself that night – we have alternative options for you to show your vote for the ongoing presence of the House of Dreams. You could donate your meal to someone else in the community (and if you don’t know anyone, Rebecca will happily find you a recipient), request a take-away pack that could be picked up from a few locations around the city the next day, or simply make a contribution in lieu of attendance to the House of Dreams.

Your vote of support to all the goings-ons of the House of Dreams means the world to me, and to all the community of people who access this space! Click the button below to reserve your seat(s). Just declare the amount to pay via Paypal. Rebecca will get back to you shortly with details. Alternatively, email her to discuss more options.

Support and Community

Hey Solopreneur: You're Not Alone!

Support and Community

The psychological price of entrepreneurship is steep and often hidden from the rest of the world. Brave souls who blaze their own paths can suffer behind their walls with loneliness, financial stress, discouragement, strain on relationships, depression, and even a type of PTSD resulting from the extreme highs and lows that come with the territory.

Always needing to be “on”, putting bright faces forward, poised to take advantage of every opportunity that might bring growth, new clients, more stability… oh man – I live this life, but just looking at this list written down makes me feel weary and strung out.

I have created a space for something BETTER to exist. A space for deep, raw, real connection between those who work alone while creating their paths. A space where we can show up as we truly are in any moment, to share in each others joys and successes – and lift each other up when we are in a low or stuck and in need of ideas and inspiration. A community, a team, for those who crave synergy and support.

It’s called The Clubhouse.


Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Courageous Transitions

a Retreat to Unlock New Possibilities

Courageous Transitions

5 brilliant, heart-full and talented colleagues are collaborating to create Courageous Transitions – An Urban Retreat to Unlock New Possibilities.

I’ve been witnessing heartaching frustration in friends, loved ones, even strangers, and hearing the refrain “all the doors seem to be closing” – over and over. I know these words well. I’ve said these words, and felt at my wits end, at several watersheds in my life.

My colleagues and I have some answers, and some experiences, that will help you (or your friend that you’re thinking of) to make it through to the other side where there’s room to breathe and hope again. Brenda Barton, Kat Thorsen, Sue Biely, and Jain Wells will join me in leading participants through a powerful journey designed to release what is no longer, remember what will always be, and connect to the inspiration and supports that will make forward movement visible and possible.

Click “yes, please!” below if you’d like to learn more!




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