A New Relationship with Money

Dear Money

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Dear Money

If Money had feelings, would it appreciate the way you treat it?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was wrestling as I often had with financial difficulties – and was inspired by an unusual question into an strange and liberating dialogue with Money itself. The experience left me feeling light, encouraged, empowered, and ready to create awesomeness from a new space of abundance…. and wanting me to pass it forward.

Dear Money is a group event that is introvert-friendly, designed with lots of space for mental processing and exploration, guided and held by an experienced coach and counsellor.
We begin with a potluck to celebrate abundance and connection. After the meal, I guide the group with visualizations and provocative questions towards the goal of creating a revealing dialogue with Money. Myths will be uncovered, and truths you hadn’t realized you already knew will emerge. You will experience a magnificent emotional awakening in your relationship with money and leave with new ideas of how to interact with it. You will go home with a heart full of joy and new hope for the future!

Would you like to see money in a brand new light? This workshop is FREE, and I would deeply appreciate it if you would share the letters you would write with me as I intend to create a book out of the collection as it grows. They will be anonymous within the book.

Curious about the backstory? Read more here…

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    Aug . 15 . 2016

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