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Courageous Transitions

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Courageous Transitions

A Virtual Retreat to Unlock New Possibilities

There are times in life when we face dramatic and breathtaking change. It may feel like all the doors are closing or have closed, and we struggle to perceive a way forward. Pressure is intense, courage may be hard to find, and the heart may feel torn.

This virtual retreat is designed to breathe life, hope, and courage back into your weary and worried bones. Brilliant facilitators from varied backgrounds and modalities whose expertise and guiding will enable us all to access, express, process, and discover how our paradigms, experiences, and emotions are collectively impacting what we perceive to be possible – which then creates (or limits!) what IS possible.
You will experience intensive learning sessions, art, sound therapy, play, and quiet-time in which to process personal insight and application. Our “prime directive” is for participants to complete their journey feeling empowered, refreshed, unburdened, hopeful, connected to new members of their “tribe”, and ready to take specific and positive action towards the creation of their immediate future.
The facilitators are all highly experienced and accomplished in their unique fields, which means the retreat is packed with the super-powers of awesome women – all pouring their skills and hearts out to facilitate YOUR courageous transition.  The online retreat modules are currently being recorded and will launch in December.

Cracking Open the Door – A Condensed Course

Brenda Barton and Rebecca Mears have created a condensed version of the Courageous Transitions retreat, launching online in early 2017. It is composed of several short video lessons to be accessed by participants on their own time schedule, and includes the support and processing space of an online forum (conducted in Facebook).
This course is a powerful introduction and overview of several processes that will support you in your courageous transition, and crack open the door to new possibilities. If you are curious to test-drive the content and connect with the facilitators to see if this course will truly make a difference for you, here is an easily accessible way to do so!
What is explored during this journey:
1) Where am I and what’s going on?
3) Releasing what does not serve you
4) Tools for staying “clean and clear”
5) Remembering who I am and what shall always be
6) What do I really want?
7) Where inspiration resides
8) Finding forward movement
Access to the video modules will be sent out to participants over a two week period, and Rebecca and Brenda will provide support in an online forum for the duration of the course. The videos will remain available for you to view and re-watch for one month after the end of the course.
The condensed course is $97.

Payment plans are welcomed, simply contact Rebecca to arrange something that will work for you. We want to support you!

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