Meeting Space
Meeting Space

Community Growth, Personal Development, Public Speaking

Meeting Space

Meeting Space

Looking for space for a workshop, webinar, or meeting?  I have peaceful, warm, quiet space available at a low cost JUST for entrepreneurs, activists, and non-profits – because I’m one of you, and I know how hard it can be to find beautiful, supportive spaces that won’t take up your entire budget.  I especially love to host events which focus on community or personal development.  Let’s make this world better, friends!
Located on Granville and 49th, the home is easily accessible by public transit, and there is ample parking all around the house and in the parking lot of Trinity Church which is just a few houses down (Church parking is understandably not available on Sunday).  In order to keep our location low-key and not disturb the neighbours, we encourage as many participants to arrive by public transit or to carpool as possible.  Plus, that’s just good environmental smarts.  You are welcome to bring in your own catering, or let me know if I can support you in arranging that for you.  Projector rental is available.

The Celebration Room

This vaulted-ceiling room holds up to 40 people when seated on chairs, or less if you’d like to come up with a creative alternative that would suit you better.  A slightly raised platform at one end of the room lends itself to being a natural “podium” if you would like to use it as such.  A large wall to use for films or projectors is present.  Easy access to the outdoors and the back garden for milling about and breaks.  A working fireplace is also here, if that would be useful for your purposes!  This room is accessible from the front, side and back of the house.
Price: $45 / hour, $350 / day, $700 / wknd (based on 8 hour days).

The Living Room

This inviting, warm room has french doors leading to the front entrance, and adjoins a dining room which is easily set up with either more seating or with catering to serve your group.  The fireplace works, if it is conducive for your gathering.  A projector can be used in this room if that would support you.  This room seats 10-14 in a circular setup, and up to 25 if you are cool with rows.
Price: $30 / hour, $200 / day, $400 / wknd (based on 8 hour days).

The Clubhouse

A more casual space designed for louder conversations, arts and crafts, and letting your hair down. Excellent for support group work or art workshops where getting messy or needing a little more privacy would suit the desired group dynamics. This room fits 5-15 people in a loose setup of comfy couches and chairs.
Price: $20 / hour, $150 / day, $3oo / wknd (based on 8 hour days).
Contact me for availability and to plan your gathering.

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    Community Growth, Personal Development, Public Speaking

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    Mar . 04 . 2015

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