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Find synergy here in the company of kindred spirits, as part of The Soulpreneurs.

The Soulpreneurs is an environment to connect with like-minded peers within an Abundance Mentality perspective. We practice acceptance, openness, support, collaboration, and celebration in order to access synergy and GROW! In other words, it’s a safe place to practice primal screams about what’s going sideways in your business, a space to let your hair down without worrying about not looking professional to a potential client, and a place where we go wayyyyyy beyond the “elevator pitch.” 
Group members give and receive from their special skills and offerings, and contribute to the growth and benefit of each others business and personal lives. Members support and are supported by their peers in reaching new clients, overcoming challenges, hashing through ideas, and discovering new opportunities. And mostly, we have fun and go deep together.
It doesn’t matter if you are based in Vancouver or elsewhere in the world: we will support you where you are.

How It Works:

We are both a virtual community and a vibrant group of committed souls who regularly show up to engage with each other. The virtual community is a group hosted on Facebook, and is free and open to anyone who is in alignment with the overall principles and goals of the group. Within the online group you have access to provocative discussions, brainstorming and problem solving, connecting with new resources, regular challenges (we call them “invitations”) and community support in passing forward your work offerings. Deeper and more deliberate community engagement is created within the paid membership levels available within the Soulpreneurs.

Membership in The Soulpreneurs 

Paid membership in The Soulpreneurs opens the doors to more conscious connection and access to shared resources, including:
• A monthly exploratory, collaborative, and synergy-creating meeting – accessible virtually, and held on-site at the House of Dreams in Kerrisdale, Vancouver
• Regular skill-share exchanges between members
• Access to The Soulpreneurs online meeting service (Zoom) for your own business purposes
• Committed sharing-forward of your offers by other members to their networks
• Access to selected workshops/courses/offerings by members at a reduced rate
We hold a monthly in-person (virtually and physically) Soulpreneur meeting where group members get to know each other more deeply, share with each other any leads and tips we have come across for each other, and update each other with our current high-priority (it may be a workshop, a new product, a new service, a special deal, etc.). Each meeting is prepared for in advance with the setting of a focus topic, and Rebecca sends out provocative questions ahead of time to ‘prime the pump’ with deep thoughts for discussion. We value and create safe space to share – sometimes it is to celebrate, sometimes it is to brainstorm, sometimes it is to ask for perspective or feedback. We share and celebrate our successes. We pass on inspiring and supportive ideas or resources we have found. We discuss ideas for evolving our business, and The Soulpreneurs to deepen its ways of supporting synergy and our growth. Each meeting becomes a sacred space filled with exactly the right combination of people to explore and discover what is of the essence in that moment.
When you participate in the skill-exchange, you are matched with two different Soulpreneurs members – one you will receive from, and one you will give to. It is an opportunity for you to receive from the accomplished skillset of a fellow member in support of your personal or business life – and an opportunity for you to support another member according to what is easy for you to do and brings you joy to contribute. Group members get a taste of each others skills and business offerings through approximately one-hour’s worth of their time (or the equivalent value in product). We become able to provide each other constructive feedback, testimonials, and are able to speak with experience when recommending each other to other people. It is inevitable that this shared time leads to ideas and leads for connecting to new clients or markets – more opportunities for synchronicities, collaboration, and synergy!
Members have a desire to connect intentionally and truly get to know each other and be present in each other’s spheres. We support each other as we grow and develop. Towards that end, we commit to passing on each other’s special offers, workshop information, etc. with our social network.
A lot of little costs add up for solopreneurs. One way to shift that up is to share freely what is easy to share. Soulpreneurs members are welcome to use the Soulpreneurs Zoom membership in order to host and facilitate online group meetings or workshops. And how about that tricky thing with always coming up with copyright-free images to use for promotional materials? *Ting!* We’ve got a frequently updated list of diverse stock photo sites that you can access, many of which are free!
We are all awesome creators. Sometimes we have a project or a promotion that we would love to have Soulpreneurs members join in on – and we feel moved to offer a special deal to our fellow Souls. This kind of offer is entirely up to each member to initiate and manage. You can count on loving support and heartfelt feedback from your fellow members if you wish to receive it, and enthusiastic engagement from those of us who participate!
In addition to the previous benefits, members have the option to access increased membership levels which provide priority access to The House of Dreams
meeting spaces
for a special rate (only available for Soulpreneur members!), access to vlogging space and support, and coming soon: access to podcasting space.

The Vibe

Our “vibe” is perhaps the most important thing that we cultivate within The Soulpreneurs. It is how we resonate, which calls our peers of like-mind and soul to us. It is a benchmark to check-in on ourselves individually and as a group to see if we are BEing as we most desire to be. It is the hallmarks of TEAM for us. It is co-created by every participant, and we seek to engage in this creation with intention and love.

Rebecca’s personal contribution to the vibe is that of curiosity, intention-setting, and the shepherding of safe-space. Since The Soulpreneurs began in early 2015 it has evolved gradually, and delightfully. Currently, The Soulpreneurs is undergoing another evolution in which we seek to amplify what we love most about our community, and open the doors wider to embrace more Souls.

As Soulpreneurs, we acknowledge and embrace our multi-dimensional way of being our business. We seek out collaborations with each other, we consciously create and connect from a paradigm of abundance, and we fold ritual into our group connection as a reminder of the whole-ness of our being.

We’ve also created a set of guidelines for “How We Be” as a group:
We show up – we acknowledge that commitment to presence and actually showing up for meetings and conversations and engagements makes a huge difference not only to our personal experience in the Soulpreneurs but also greatly impacts the rest of our group.
We are honest about where we are at – there is no need for any of us to put on a happy face, to dress up (our bodies or our emotions), to play small, to ignore any of the intuition that we might be feeling. We can share what is true for us in an accepting environment, so that we can explore our way forward into what we wish to create next.
We are nurturing – first: to our own selves, and secondly: to each other.
We uplift
We encourage
We are a ‘coming home place’ for our businesses – we provide safe space for each other to lay it all out on the table and sift through it all.
We create and engage in ritual – we honour our multi-dimensional selves and businesses by taking the time to ground, set our intention, honour our hearts and intuition, and to honour the sharing and close up at the end of a meeting.
We hold a loose structure with a clear intention for each other – we create an agenda with intention, and then release ourselves into the flow that emerges, while holding to our overall guidelines as a group.
We give feedback on what and where we are invited – we are the captains of our ship and we know where we’d like help, and where our “employees only” signs are located. We can safely ask for feedback in the areas we feel ready for it, and do not offer unsolicited advice or perspective to our peers if it has not been asked for.
We trust each other in our “adulting” – we accept responsibility for processing our own emotions and do not unload them into the group. We respect each other’s empathic selves and strive to hold a container for each other where we can witness each other in love. We access personal supports such as therapy and safe venting space so that we take care of our internal work in a healthy and strong manner.


Group membership is by invitation, and you are welcome to express your interest.  Contact Rebecca or ask for a referral via a current group member to connect! Rebecca meets with prospective members to discuss in detail The Soulpreneurs ideology and membership commitments to see if it is a good fit for both sides. We cultivate our community carefully and consciously, following the spirit of openness, acceptance, support, and abundance mentality as our guideposts!
Want to talk more? Message me and let’s set up a coffee date, in person or on skype.

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